I am a Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Glasgow.  My current research can be grouped into three main areas. 

The first concerns the construction of energy as a security issue.  In various projects, I have sought to examine the re-emergence of energy security as a policy concern in EU and national contexts through the application of different strands of securitisation theory.  In short, I am interested in understanding how claims about energy (in)security serve to (de)legitimise different energy and security policies, and the particular factors which distinguish energy issues from other kinds of security concern.  Recently completed and current projects in this area have focused on the securitisation and riskification of gas supplies in the UK and Poland, the geopoliticisation of EU-Russian energy relations, and the legitimation of EU legislation for the security of gas supplies.

The second concerns EU policymaking, and in particular the role of interest groups in the EU policy process.  I am currently working on a project examining the responsiveness of the EU institutions to interest groups with Professor Robert Thomson.  This project connects the formative and decision-making stages of the legislative process through a quantitative analysis of an original dataset of interest group submissions to European Commission consultations and the well-established DEU II dataset on decision-making in the EU.  Our aim is to understand the links between interest group preferences and different stages of the legislative process.

The third focuses on the impact of Brexit on how the UK manages crises and develops alternative mechanisms for cooperating with the EU.  I am currently working on a Carnegie Trust funded project with Dr John Connolly examining whether and how the institutional and operational arrangements for preventing and managing crises will need to be adapted when the UK leaves the EU.  We are focusing on the management of pandemics and gas supply disruptions as case studies in the first stage of this project.